We often find that new clients have some common questions. So we’ve listed some of the general questions we’re asked to help answer some key queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Are you registered with the Law Society ?

A Yes. Our Registration Number is 548947 and the firm’s details can be found on The Law Society’s website.

Q  Do you offer Legal Aid?

A No we do not. If you think that you might be eligible for Legal Aid then we would refer you to the following website,www.communitylegaladvice.org.uk in order for them to advise you as to your eligibility.

Q Do you offer a free consultation?

A Yes we do. We offer this on all services, however it is not usually necessary for conveyancing transactions. This initial meeting gives us the chance to meet and discuss your case. It also enables you to discuss your needs and requirements and for us to advise you on the best way forward before committing us to a Solicitor / Client relationship.

Q How much can I expect to pay to solve my case?

A We will be able to provide you with a fixed quotation for your Conveyancing transaction as soon as you make contact with us, whether it be by phone; email etc. For our other services, we offer a free initial appointment to enable us to meet with you and discuss your matter to determine the best options available to you. We will calculate the likely costs involved. If it is not possible to provide you with a fixed costs figure, then we shall notify you of our hourly charging rate and a realistic indication as to the amount of time to be spent on your matter. Please note that at this stage, neither you or us are under any obligation with regards to one another and will we ask you confirm in writing if you are happy for us to act on your behalf.

Q Will my case be dealt with by a qualified Solicitor?

A Yes. Written confirmation of your Solicitor’s name will be provided to you within the Client Care Letter that you will receive at the outset of your case or transaction. You are also able to have direct contact with your Solicitor throughout proceedings via phone / email or in person.

Q How quickly can I see my Solicitor?

A Usually within 48 hours. However, it could be sooner depending upon the urgency of the matter.

Q Do I need to bring anything with me to our first meeting?

A We would ask that you bring your passport or photocard driving licence together with a bank statement or utility bill (that is less than 3 months old) that confirms your current address. We require this documentation, as we are required to comply with strict Money Laundering Regulations when acting on your behalf.

Q What payment methods do you accept?

A We accept payment of costs in the following methods: – Bankers Draft; CHAPS and BACS payments. We also accept cash sums less than £200.00 at the outset of a transaction.We also anticipate providing the option of payment by credit card in the near future. We ask you to note that we also discuss billing option at the initial meeting and are able to offer different payment options to you.

Q How much contact will I have with my Solicitor?

A It is possible for you to communicate with your Solicitor in the following ways: – in person during appointments; via email or post; over the phone and online conferencing such as Skype. We will accommodate your preference and tailor our service to suit your needs and requirements. However, we would ask that you appreciate that your Solicitor may not always be immediately available but other staff will take a message and your call will be returned.

Q Can you give me some idea on how long it may take to resolve my matter?

A Unfortunately each case varies due to the actions of the other party or parties involved. However, we can simply outline the duration it takes on average for most similar cases to be resolved. This is only an indication as cases and other factors can change. As always we will keep you fully informed throughout the progress of your case so you will have a clear understanding of the position.

Q What can I do if I’m unhappy with the service I have received?

A Hopefully this will not be the case. However, if you are dissatisfied then please contact Joanne Isherwood, (Principal Solicitor), to see if we can resolve the issues between us, as we’re always keen to ensure that our Clients are happy with our service.  If that is unsuccessful then you should contact the Legal Ombudsman at www.legalombudsman.org.uk in order to discuss the matter with them.

Jargon Buster
We know that many new clients can find legal terms confusing. So we’ve created a Jargon Buster to help steer you through legal documents you may encounter whilst working with us. Check out our Jargon Buster here.